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Jill Tannenbaum, CHt.

Certified Hypnotherapist


Thank you for sharing your hypnosis experience!

Please scroll down to read some of my testimonials.

I post these to help encourage you to explore hypnotherapy and all the benefits it can bring into your life.

Musicion Enhancing Creativity 

Jill Tannenbaum is not simply an extremely capable hypnotherapist, she is a profoundly empathetic person.

She has the capacity to help open doors that you imagined were inaccessible, and to find the calm, safe harbor just beneath the turbulent surface of consciousness. I recommend her wholeheartedly. 

Bill, New Hope PA

Reduce Drinking

initially called Jill because I wanted to reduce my drinking. I had developed an almost-daily wine habit. My goal was to cut that at least in half and have three or four dry days a week.

My sessions with Jill turned out to be revelatory. I had acknowledged what was at the root of my drinking, but I had limited success cutting down on my own over the long-term. Through hypnotherapy with Jill, I was able to truly focus and go beyond my initial goal and figure out what is next in my life.

I had been through a long period of grief after multiple losses, including the sudden death of my husband. I was drinking to numb myself from the loneliness and pain. Jill helped me to discover — and rediscover — activities that will bring me joy and nurture my soul.

And that goal of having three or four dry days a week? I’ve been consistently doing four and five! And when I do enjoy drinking, I am more mindful and less apt to overindulge.

Hypnotherapy was new to me, and Jill made me feel completely at ease. She has a comforting way about her, and I am grateful to her for this life-altering experience

Mary, Lambertville NJ

Mother's Fear of Walking Son Down the Aisle In Tears

Before contacting Jill, I had heard about and read many good things about her. In person, she did not disappoint. I was easily comfortable with her warm, soothing, and friendly manor. I went to Jill to help me with my anxiety and uncontrollable crying.  Happy, sad, angry, frustrated, the emotion didn't matter, the outcome was always the same. As a respected, professional, adult woman I have tried different strategies to not cry at work or in other public situations; I have not been successful many times.  


For our son’s wedding, it was very important to me for my husband and me to walk him down the aisle. With his wedding getting closer, I was extremely fearful of walking him down the aisle with tears streaming down my face. It's one thing to dab at your eyes, but I knew this would take more than a dab. I have been told how touching or sweet it is that I wear my emotions so openly, but for me, it is terribly embarrassing.  

I went to Jill for two months leading up to the wedding. We spoke about different things that triggered me into tears. As part of our time together, Jill gave me exercises to do, mantras to follow, visuals to consider, and other strategies to follow. I definitely improved, but I was skeptical. 


As the day approached, friends asked if I was excited. I was very happy with the young woman that would become his wife, her values, the relationship we had developed, and her family.  I was looking forward to the celebration, but I often gave a teary, misconstrued response.   


On the big day, I was able to be photographed helping my son put sentimental cufflinks on, straightening his bowtie, and walking him down the aisle!  I was so proud of myself!  Thank you Jill for providing me with the tools to enjoy this special day and to not need to retouch every photo!


Ellen, Yardley PA

Stop Smoking

Hi, my name is Dave. I have smoked for 40 years and tried just about everything to quit. I went to Jill and she was awesome! Three sessions with her and I no longer smoke. it's amazing and I feel great! I'm no longer short of breath: my clothers don't smell like cigarteettes and I'm saving money by not smoking. Thank you Jill!

Dave, Horsham PA

Retriving Childhood Memories

As a graduate​ student in a clinical mental health program, I worked with Jill as a way to learn more about hypnotherapy as a treatment option and to experience and observe her clinical skills. She confirmed that she could work with me to address some childhood memories and throughout our sessions, she always put me at ease by maintaining a compassionate, kind and reassuring tone. A helpful and essential aspect of this experience was feeling trust in Jill, who listened, laughed, questioned, informed, challenged, calmed, empathized, and supported me. I especially appreciated her verbal guidance and explanations about what was going to happen next in the hypnotherapeautic process. For the right client, hypnotherapy can be a very powerful way to reinforce the healing that can come from within and that in partnership with a skilled professional, important goals can be achieved. If you are motivated and determined to attain a specific goal,

I highly recommend working with Jill Tannenbaum  helped me break a 20 year habit of socially smoking while drinking. I completed 3 virtual sessions which  were very in depth and individualized to my specific needs. The process was easy, educational, and worthwhile. I would highly recommend Jill's services to anyone struggling and looking to make a positive change!

Marion, Yardley PA

Motivation to Loose Weight

It was a pleasure meeting Jill Tannenbaum. Jill really took to time to get to know me. I went to her because I received bloodwork results which showed the beginning stage of diabetes. I needed to eat healthier and lose weight. Jill helped me to outline my goals and assisted me with the tools and confidence to work towards them. In talking with her, she also could tell I have some anxiety issues. Jill provided me with some tools to deal with these as well. The hypnotherapy and just talking through some of these things have really helped me. My recent bloodwork shows I am now out of the diabetic range. I have lost weight and will continue to keep working towards my weight loss goal. I am also taking the time to do things I enjoy such as crafting. This was a very pleasant experience which helped to improve my health and strengthen my confidence.

Pamela, Hopewell NJ

Break the Connection between Drinking and Smoking (to quit smoking)

Jill helped me break a 20 year habit of socially smoking while drinking. I completed 3 virtual sessions which  were very in depth and individualized to my specific needs. The process was easy, educational, and worthwhile. I would highly recommend Jill's services to anyone struggling and looking to make a positive change!

Melissa, Pennington NJ

Afraid to Get Back on My Horse

Years ago I had a very bad fall off a horse and was scared to ride again. But I love riding and didn't want to give it up. I considered myself very lucky to find Jill. I never experienced hypnotherapy before but was willing to give anything a try. I've now been riding for 3 years with confidence and joy - Thanks all to Jill.

Sarah, Princeton NJ

Regression for 

Retrieving Past Memories to Help with Anxiety

“I was a little skeptical of undergoing virtual hypnosis during the Pandemic. However, I was thrilled with the results. Somehow, Jill pulled difficult memories out of my subconscious mind and helped me face the anxiety caused by these forgotten stressors. I feel it has greatly helped prevent my panic attacks. I recommend Jill, especially during the stressful times we are living in.”

Nicholas, Princeton NJ

Stop Smoking

Have you ever heard the saying “So Nice Have To Do It Twice”?

Well...this phrase most definitely applies to me! I started smoking full time when I was 17 years old. By the time

I turned 22…I was smoking a pack a day. In my 30’s, 40’s and 50’, I would ever so often contemplate ways to quit smoking. OH…I forgot to mention that I married at 20 and my husband also smoked. I found it too hard to try to quit when he was still smoking and always ended up putting it on the “back burner”.

I tried patches, Chantix and even hypnosis in the past. The hypnosis did work, and I was smoke free for about a month living with my smoking husband and was doing fine until my car broke down and I was stranded for several hours with Rite Aid looking right at me!

Long story short…I met Jill in July of 2019 and my life turned completely around. I had 3 sessions with her and as of today, July 29, 2020…I HAVE NOT TOUCHED A SINGLE CIGARETTE!!! I am 63 years old and I am STILL so totally amazed at how I walked out a Non-Smoker after over 40 years of smoking. GOD’s blessings are so very much with me because the Friday after I quit, my husband stopped Cold Turkey totally on his own and the next week we found out that he had lung cancer. The blessing is that it was so small and new that it had not spread anywhere, had his surgery and as of July 24th of this year…my husband is still CANCER FREE!

Now…about that phrase I mentioned. While I am a Non-smoker, I am overweight and have gained about 20 lbs. in this last crazy year.

BUT I am NOT worried about it at all because… SO NICE…GOTTA DO IT TWICE😊😊

Jill…thank you so much. You are a friend in my heart, and I thank GOD that he brought me to you.


Carol D. Yardley PA

Stop Chewing Tobacco

Jill is truly a life-changer. Our sessions were effective, calming, and judgement-free. We even transitioned to the virtual meetings with no change in quality or efficacy. After chewing tobacco every day for 8 years, I was able to immediately quit the habit after just one session with Jill. We then had an additional two sessions, included in the program to reinforce my

 no longer chewing in the future. I failed many times in the past with other methods, but Jill’s hypnotherapy sessions produced amazing results. I am now going on 2 months tobacco-free and I feel great! I have already recommended her to many of my friends. Thank you Jill!!!

Mike, Yardley PA

Quit Smoking

February 13 2020 marked 1 year of not smoking - Thanks to my Dear Friend Jill !! I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2018. Three weeks later my mother died of a massive heart attack. It was a very difficult time in my life. After smoking for over 30 years, I was struggling to quit. I remember thinking I had been through so much. I was mad at myself for being unable to walk away from what could kill me. I had tried everything with no luck. A friend of mine had given me Jill's number. She reminded me I had nothing to lose. After breast surgery, 6 1/2 weeks of radiation treatments, and the loss of my mom, I was still struggling to quit. Jill was my last hope. After only 3 sessions it was OVER!! I have not picked up one cigarette since I was hypnotized!! In fact to this day, I despise the smell of cigarette smoke or hands smelling of nicotine. I can no longer tolerate the smell - it makes me SICK!! If you have any doubts about being hypnotized, I am here to say IT WORKS!! I am living proof. I've had conversations with others who have been hypnotized or who doubt it. It really does matter who hypnotizes you. Thank you Jill for being the gifted person that you are and for all of your help. I could not have done it

 without you!!

Christina, Hatboro PA

Quit Smoking

I went to Jill to quit smoking and I cannot recommend her enough. She was warm, informative, and very professional. Jill thoroughly explained what hypnosis is and did not make any grandiose claims (i.e., you will definitely never smoke again, etc). I’m happy to report that I’m 100% smoke free for 36 days and have no desire to ever go back (I have smoked for 35 years)! So, if you’re ready to make the commitment to yourself to finally quit smoking for good, I highly recommend Jill to help you over the hump!

Kelly, Yardley PA

Quit Chewing Tobacco

 I chewed tobacco for nearly 25 years and finally decided enough was enough. It was time to quit. I was embarrassed of my habit and hid it from everyone. That was 3 plus years ago! I worked with Jill for 4 sessions over a period of 6 weeks and ended up quitting cold turkey with the help of Jill and hypnosis. I am so pleased with the outcome and could not be more appreciative of Jill's support and approach to rid me of this habit.

Jeff, Newtown PA

Quit Smoking

What began as a journey many, years ago and many, many failed attempts ago ended almost two years ago when I went to see Jill. As you can imagine, I initially had skepticism, mostly because her cost were so reasonable that I could not believe it would work in such a short time frame. Unlike the other places I called on who gave me the sales pitch of "blah blah blah..."

Anyway what began with some hesitation turns out to be the best money I ever spent. Although I won't lie and will tell you that there are days where I feel as though physically my health felt better as a smoker, I went about seeing doctors and getting myself in tip top shape....

The facts are that I was a smoker since I was 11, full time since I was 15 and am about to turn 50. 35+ years of being a smoker 1-2 packs a day was GONE in a matter of minutes. A little chit chat on Friday....followed by session the following 

Wednesday and a quick follow up on Friday, and I have NOT ONCE picked up a cigarette, even to test myself, or even had a craving to pick one up. I can be around other smokers, I can drink without wanting a smoke and most importantly, I can joke about not wanting a cigarette.

What started as a mission for myself, quickly became a mission to listen to what my kids asked of me. Very happy that I heard what they were saying, but more importantly, I listened to how they said it.

Ryan, Penn Valley PA

Weight Loss

I went to Jill to help me with weight loss. Ever since I was younger I’ve had a bad relationship with food and my overall self-image (even when I was underweight). Jill was upfront and honest and let me know she couldn’t provide a secret to my weight loss or a diet plan that would be best for me, but could help me try and overcome some of the things contributing to the behaviors that have prevented me from losing weight. As soon as I spoke with her, I was confident I called the right person. And, as soon as I met her I knew I was in the right hands. Jill was calming, non-judgmental, and reassuring. She was amazing and really helped me get to the bottom of what has been holding me back and some of the negative experiences I was holding onto from my past. I’ve been able to let them go and have lost 7 lbs in a few short weeks. I have about 50-60 more to go to reach my goal, but each week since I’ve ended my sessions, I’ve lost weight. I also no longer feel guilty or judge myself when I eat. I feel free! Thank you Jill!!!

Valerie, Princeton NJ

*I never tell, suggest or discuss with anyone to go on or off medication, Jill Tannenbaum CHt. 

Building Confidence

For over a year, I have been experiencing anxiety and mood swings. Under a doctors' care I began taking medication to help with these changes in my mood. After a few weeks of medication, my feelings did plateau, which was helpful. But then I realized while there were no lows anymore, there were no highs either. So, I began looking for an alternative to the medication I was taking. It was through this research, that I read about Jill Tannenbaum, CHt. Certified Hypnotherap​ist.

We started my session just talking about what brought me to see her. Jill would then ask me questions to learn more about the concerns I was having. Then she began our hypnosis session. During that relaxed state of mind, it allowed me to understand that I had the strength to control the negative clutter in my thoughts that I was experiencing. With Jill's guidance and expertise through hypnosis, I began having more self-confidence in myself. This was the outcome I had been hoping for. Jill has made such a difference, without the need for medication,* to be a happier ME.

Anita, Washington Crossing PA

*I never tell, suggest or discuss with anyone to go on or off medication, Jill Tannenbaum CHt. 

Fear of Flying

Many years ago Jill helped me overcome my fear of flying. I was able to take a four-hour plane ride comfortably to Punta Cana. However, a year ago I was faced with a new challenge. My husband and I wanted to take our daughters to Italy. I started to question whether I was able to sustain an 8-hour flight. At that moment I contacted Jill and scheduled an appointment.

Once again, Jill was attentive, comforting and encouraging. She gave me strategies and offered suggestions that helped put my mind at ease. Something that is unique to Jill’s therapy is her ability to recognize what soothes a person. Jill pinpointed my two strongest senses and incorporated them into my treatment. After a month, I was excited to take that wonderful trip of a lifetime with my family!

Thanks once again Jill for empowering me to conquer my fear

Danielle, Yardley PA

Quit Smoking

I am happy to say, thanks to Jill, I am no longer a smoker afte​r 20 years.

Jill is extremely professional and caring. When I met Jill I instantly felt that I could trust her.

Jill spent a good amount of time on the phone with me, explaining her approach to hypnotherapy and happily answering all of my questions.

With Jill’s help, my quitting smoking, something that seemed so impossible, was easier than I ever could have imagined.

I highly recommend you contact Jill and have her help you reach your goals. I am so glad I did


Cathy, Bristol PA

Quit Smoking

I went to Jill to quit smoking and I cannot recommend her enough. She was warm, informative, and very professional. Jill thoroughly explained what hypnosis is and did not make any grandiose claims (i.e., you will definitely never smoke again, etc). I’m happy to report that I’m 100% smoke free for 36 days and have no desire to ever go back (I have smoked for 35 years)! So, if you’re ready to make the commitment to yourself to finally quit smoking for good, I highly recommend Jill to help you over the hump!

Kelly, Holland PA

Stop Smoking

I’ve been a smoker for 20+ years and have tried to quit many times. I’ve tried it all, gum, pills, vaping, cold turkey, you name it. I was at the end of my rope and willing to try anything at this point so I figured hypnosis was something I hadn’t tried yet, I’d give it a shot. I searched and found Jill, read her reviews and decided if anyone was going to help me, it was her. I sent her a message and she contacted me right back. We had a nice conversation and scheduled our meetings. There are a total of 3 meetings and the hypnosis part happens on the 2nd meeting. I am not going to lie, I was a bit skeptical but open minded that I wanted it to work. It worked!!!! Jill was great and I understand why the first meeting happens before the actual hypnosis happens. She really understood after our first meeting how my mind worked and what worked best for me. It’s been 3 weeks so far and while I still had a craving, the first few days, it is the first time I can say that Jill made it EASY to brush them off. They didn’t bother me at all. She made my transition to non smoker so easy and trauma free. It’s amazing the power your mind has when led in the right direction. I highly recommend Jill, she really is amazing at what she does!!! Thank you Jill for getting me through that and painlessly too!

AmyJo, Warrington PA

Stop Smoking

I went to Jill to help me end an addiction to cigarettes. Her office is a pleasure to the senses of sight, sound and smell. Jill is very calming, but knowledgeable and empowering at the same time. Her technique has been very effective for me and my strong, irrational urges to smoke evaporated more and more with each session. I can confidently and honestly say that I am now a non-smoker, thanks to Jill!

Kathi, Ewing NJ

Obsessive Cuticle Picking

I called Jill to see if she could help me to stop an embarrassing habit that I’d had for the past 40 years (obsessive cuticle picking). She was quite easy to talk to and did not over-promise. Instead, she gave me encouragement and stated that she had helped others with this problem. She gave me some preparatory work to do as I waited for the first appointment. Jill provided very thoughtful and customized tools that I could use both during and after the sessions. I’m thrilled with the results and for the first time in my adult life, very proud of how my hands look!

Emily, Newtown PA

Swallowing Pills

My thirteen-year-old son was finding it extremely difficult to swallow pills. Jill connected with him and he felt very comfortable working with her. The day after his first session he easily began taking them and there has been no looking back! I highly recommend Jill!

After seeing Jill's successful results with my son I realized that I could benefit from working with Jill as well. I had a few ideas in mind and Jill assisted to help me quickly focus on the priority. After that first session I felt like a changed person feeling more joyful and peaceful. Subsequent sessions not only solidified those feelings but also enhanced my confidence in accomplishing short and long-term goals. I am grateful for the significantly positive impact this experience has had!

Brian, West Windsor NJ

Picky Eater

I'm in my 30's and have always had a fear of trying new foods and eating like normal people do. I'm so happy that I stumbled upon Jill. I was extremely skeptical at first but after 4 sessions, Jill has truly put me on a path where I don't have to be afraid of trying something new. I now have introduced several new foods and am looking forward to introducing more. I thought I was a lost cause but Jill has shown me that I did have it in me to change; I just had to find it. I'm beyond grateful that I found her and highly recommend her to anyone.

Todd, Yardley PA

Nail Biting

I have been a nail biter for as long as I can remember. I would stop for brief periods of time but always went back to nail biting when under stress. I've always wanted beautiful nails and finally decided to do something about it. Jill was amazing. After just four sessions I stopped biting my nails. I now go for manicures regularly and am no longer embarrassed by my nails.

Laura, Levittown PA

Compulsive Hair Pulling, Trichotillomania

I have been battling trichotillomania since I was 9 years old. It has never been something I was able to control. The pulling often started unconsciously, and then once I realized I was doing it, I couldn't stop. I felt like I had no control over my hands. It was miserable, and it took a toll on my appearance, my confidence, my relationships and my overall quality of life.

After trying medications, vitamins, and other means of keeping my hands busy, I read about hypnotherapy and saw Jill had worked with other people suffering from trich. After the first session, I could already feel a difference!

After all four sessions, I feel like I have a handle on something that I could never control before. I'm so aware when my hand goes up to my head. The urge has been reduced greatly, and I finally feel in control of the issue. If I do pull, I'm able to stop immediately. I'm so thankful for Jill and I'm so happy with myself for going forward with this. I only wish it was something I had done sooner! Thank you Jill!!!

Samantha, Pennington NJ

Fear of flying

My fear of flying had been getting progressively the point that I wasn't even that excited about vacations. Then I found Jill! Jill was so understanding and comforting. She gave me all the tools to get over my anxiety. I still use the relaxation techniques. I am looking forward to new and exciting travels thanks to Jill's help. Don't hesitate to try hypnotherapy with her!!

Pat, Richboro PA

Gag reflex and keeping night guard in my mouth

I had a major issue with my teeth. Not because I did not take care of them, quit the opposite, was fanatical about taking care of them bushing, water picking and visiting the dentist twice a year. My problem was that I grind my teeth at night. My dentist fitted me with a night guard, which would have worked had I been able to keep in my mouth all night. However I had a gag reflex and sometime during the night I would always remove the guard. My dentist reshaped the night guard but that did not work, then I tried some smaller over the counter night guards, but same result, I could not keep it in for the night and I would continue to grind my teeth and destroy them, not to mention making my jaws sore and sometimes giving me headaches.

It was to the point where I was getting root canals and crowns because of the constant grinding. My dentist then suggested hypnotherapy. Well I jumped at the thought and researched several hypnotists. I found Jill Tannenbaum. I had four sessions and now I am able to wear the night guard through the entire night without removing it. It is amazing! I suffered for over a decade with this problem and now it is finally over, thanks to Jill.

Tom, Lahaska PA

Very Picky Eater, 10 Years Old 

Our family highly recommends Jill! She is a professional, caring and wonderful hypnotherapist. She worked with our son who is 10 years old. He was a very picky eater. She taught him relaxation and coping skills so that is able to try new foods. We could see a big difference in him after just the second session with Jill. He has more confidence and is doing a great job eating new foods. He was able to go off to boyscout camp feeling excited and confident about eating different foods. Jill has such a positive and caring nature about her. I have full trust in Jill working with my son. Her office is also gorgeous and is a modern, calming environment. Jill is the absolute best and we will always be grateful.

TJ, Yardley PA

Eyebrow and Eyelash Pulling

I brought my teenage son to Jill Tannenbaum to help him stop compulsively picking out his eyebrows and eyelashes when bored or stressed. I tried conventional therapy and medication, but nothing helped, He wanted to stop so badly, but could by could not himself. We were both feeling hopeless. I made a promise to him that I would find something that would work. And I did ... I found Jill! She worked with him and after three sessions he stopped picking. It is a miracle. She is a blessing! Caring and compassionate to her clients. I cannot thank her enough! if you are on the fence of whether Hypnosis can help you and you are ready to make a change, go see Jill and find out how she can help you overcome your obstacles.

Melissa, Pennington NJ

Fear of Driving

"I developed a fear of driving, even though I had been driving for years. I would suffer from panic attacks on highways, driving at night, and while going over bridges. My fear began to cripple me in a way. I would avoid going to events if I had to drive myself and it involved the aforementioned things. I started to miss out on life. Needless to say, I was pretty desperate for help. Jill worked with me for a month and I can’t thank her enough for helping me get my life back. Through her intervention, I now am very calm and relaxed while driving in any circumstance. She is a great listener and incredibly caring. I would highly recommend her if you are looking to have hypnotherapy done."

Christine, Richboro PA

Fear of Driving

A great experience and one that I would recommend to anyone trying to deal with issues that are too difficult for them to manage themselves. I had a terrible fear of driving that was negatively impacting my life and restricting my ability to be independent. Jill has a very easy, calm, friendly and professional manner. I'm so very happy I found her and I would recommend Jill to anyone looking to conquer a fear or problem in their life!

Lorraine, Yardley PA

Weight Loss

I'm so glad I found Jill Tannenbaum. I needed to lose weight. All my numbers were bad and getting worse. Further, I was developing problems in my feet and old knee injuries were making a comeback. My primary doc not so subtly put it that this is the kind of stuff that happens to fat people. I felt like I was circling the drain and I was only 60 years old. Since I was successful with hypnosis to stop smoking (many moons ago), I asked my Abington doc for a recommendation on a hypnotist and got Jill's name as a reliable certified hypnotherapist. It was such a relief to fall into the care of a complete professional. Jill has been so thorough, getting to know me and using that personal information to build subconscious power in me to restore my own self image. Helping me set achievable goals and suggesting workable daily techniques to reach those goals. I'm not there yet, but I am about 80% of the way with respect to weight. My cholesterol is well under 200 for the first time ever and blood sugar is trending downward. I just ran 5 miles for the first time in the past 10 years. I can't imagine a return to my past behaviors. And although I may plateau from time to time, I am confident that I'll not only reach my full weight goal, but will maintain a permanent healthier lifestyle, mostly because I think about the choices that I make one meal at a time. Simply put, Jill T. is a professional and anyone should feel like they are in good hands with her.

Dennis, South Hampton PA

Weight Loss

Jill thank you for everything. I am so glad I made the decision to seek you out. Hypnotherapy was a great move. You helped me realize that I can do this weight loss. I do hear your voice in my head when I am tempted. Thank you again. I am very happy and losing weight.

Colleen, Holland PA

Quit Smoking

Jill is the best! Over a year later and still not smoking! I have zero desire to smoke! I couldn't have done it without Jill! She saved me! xoxo

Dona, Levittown PA

Quit Smoking

I went to Jill to quit smoking. She was great! Before we started anything, we met to discuss why I wanted to quit and how bad and awful smoking made me feel. We discussed what hypnosis was about and what I would experience during my sessions. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I completed four sessions with Jill and have been smoke free for 2 months. I would recommend her if you are considering hypnosis.


Maryann, Yardley PA

Sleep Issues and Insomnia

When I first came to Jill Tannenbaum I was desperate. As a 62 year old male with chronic insomnia I was used to sleeping poorly off and on but this time was different. I hadn't slept more than three hours a night for five months. I had tried just about everything: drugs, doctors and the sleep clinic without any relief when I read something somewhere about hypno therapy and found Jill. What first separated Jill from the doctors and the "sleep specialists" was that she really seemed to care about finding an answer to my specific sleep problems instead of just handing me some new pill. She asked questions and tailored my sessions to finding a way to guide my mind to a place where it allowed my body to sleep. She really seemed to take it personally when I still wasn't sleeping after the first couple of sessions and assured me she was going to find the answer! This was quite a change from the other doctors I had been to who didn't care about me once they had put me through all their standardized tests and couldn't make any more money from me. But Jill redoubled her efforts and I think I got better at letting my mind go so that her suggestions could get through, and pretty soon I found myself sleeping more and more to the point where last night I got eight hours of sleep! And it's a better quality sleep - deeper, which Jill was targeting. So if you're wondering if Jill can help you with your problem and if it's worth the expense to try it, I can tell you she has changed my life for the better, and how can you put a price on that? My only regret is that I didn't find her twenty or thirty years ago!


Tom K., Newtown PA

Self-Confidence and Eating Disorder

"For a number of years I have struggled with a variety of emotional issues and have sought a variety of practitioners for help. Whether it was trying to overcome an eating disorder, dealing with depression, or improving my self-confidence, I feel as though I've been on a mission to find a remedy to a number of different issues and discover balance in my life. I've worked with mental health professionals, doctors, and even taken medication to help me feel better but none provided a permanent solution for me. Until recently, the only thing I hadn't tried was hypnosis.

Living in the central NJ area I did some online research and found Jill Tannenbaum Certified Hypnotherapist under Bucks County Hypnosis. I made my first appointment and thought I'd give hypnosis a try - what did I have to lose? Prior to meeting with Jill I had never visited with a hypnosis professional but had tried self-hypnosis on my own. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but after just a few minutes of meeting Jill, I knew that I had found a genuine individual who sincerely wanted to understand the issues keeping me back and wanted to help.

After just a few appointments, I felt deep and lasting change. I had been dealing with BED, binge eating disorder for nearly 20 years and have seen it washed away. I'm no longer living to eat, but eating to live. And most importantly, I'm not obsessing about food all day long or beating myself up when I bite into something that hasn't been deemed healthy by the latest nutritional guru.

The other issue I wanted to address with Jill was my self-confidence. Although I've achieved successes in my life, I never truly felt that I was successful enough, confident enough, or able to take on new challenges with a sense of confidence and belief. That has all changed. Jill helped me to replace negative self talk with positive self talk and see myself as the person who I want to be. This renewed sense of self has had a tremendous impact on my attitude, outlook, and overall feeling of happiness.

I want to personally thank Jill for working with me to achieve impressive changes in my emotional well-being and sense of self. Thank you Jill and thanks for making the process of professional hypnosis so easy and attainable." 

Mike F., Robbinsville NJ

Difficulty with Eating 

In just 3 short sessions, Jill got my son over a significant difficulty he had with eating most foods. In literally 2 sessions, he was eating most foods that he had previously refused to eat, and by the 3rd session, he was no longer refusing any foods. He was even able to travel overseas, and had no difficulty eating any of the foods there. Thank you, Jill. You have made life so much easier for him!

Michele, Richboro PA

Stop Smoking

I cannot thank Jill Tannenbaum enough for helping me to stop smoking. Jill has helped me in so many more ways then just being a non smoker. In fact, being a non smoker is only a small part of what Jill has done for me. When I met Jill she immediately made me feel comfortable, as if she understood my issues, and after only two appointments I was a non smoker. When I went back for the third appointment I had new stresses as a non smoker. She listened intently and was able to address issues I faced in a "new world" as a non smoker. I am now able to address and deal with stressful situations without feeling as if I need to smoke. I am able to be outside without feeling like smoking was what I should do. I am now able to take a break or reward myself for tasks completed without smoking. I am free of a nasty habit which was in some ways running my daily schedule. I now have the determination to do almost anything and the self confidence to get me there. Thanks to Jill I have become a more calm and friendly person who enjoys spending more time with her children.

Ann, Levittown PA

Nail Picking and Biting

Jill Tannenbaum helped me put my nail picking behind me. For years I had been picking and biting my nails and was never happy with the way my hands looked. Finally, after 30 years I decided to do something about it and try hypnotherapy. I had fours sessions with Jill and now my hands look beautiful and I never bite or pick them any more. It's unbelievable, but it really works!

Louise, Yardley PA

Fear of Flying

"For the past 18 years my vacations have been limited to destinations that could be reached via driving. Feeling "trapped" I decided to finally conquer my fear of flying with hypnotherapy.

Honestly, I thought that my fear/phobia was too strong to be healed. Just thinking about getting on an airplane would send me into a panic. However, as I am sitting here writing this note, I am thinking about the wonderful vacation that I shared with my family in Punta Cana, and yes I got there on an airplane. Jill has been an amazing support to me. Her patience and kindness made me feel at ease during our sessions. After each appointment I felt my fear of flying start to ease. Jill gave me strategies to use before and during the plane ride. Finally I feel as though I have conquered this fear. At last I feel free! I am already planning our next vacation."

Danielle, Yardley PA

Stop Smoking

"For 29 years I was a hardcore smoker. I tried quitting cold turkey, step-down methods, etc but never could quit. I was diagnosed with diabetes and knew in my heart that I really had to stop smoking or it would make my health worse. I contacted Jill Tannenbaum to ask questions about hypnosis and by the end of the conversation an appointment had been made. To be honest, I really didn't think it would work. If it didn't I could always say I tried everything. To my surprise after my first session, I never picked up another cigarette. It's been 5 1/2 years now and I am still smoke free. Thanks Jill, not only do I not smoke, but now I have a savings account with the money I would spend on the cigarettes!

Colleen, Browns Mills NJ

Stop Smoking

I am happy to say, thanks to Jill Tannenbaum I am no longer a smoker nor will I ever smoke again. I started smoking over 20 years ago, I had no problem quitting with each of my pregnancies but went back to smoking after each child. Now that I wanted to quit not just for my children but for myself, it seemed like the hardest thing to do. I felt like it was bigger than me. I am under an extraordinary amount of stress, for me I thought, smoking was my way of trying to cope with that stress, now because of Jill I no longer think that way. I have a friend who was a much heavier smoker then me, she tried everything to quit, nothing worked until she tried hypnosis. I didn't know anything about hypnosis other then it worked for my friend until I met Jill. I read her website, sent her an email asking her for help. She quickly called me and made me feel instantly comfortable talking with her. She spent a good amount of time on the phone with me, she explained the process and happily answered all of my questions. I couldn't wait for my appointment! When I met Jill I instantly felt like I could trust her, we went over my history (which is long and complicated) and then Jill hypnotized me. I have to say it was the most relaxed I felt in ten years. I left the session and have not smoked or wanted too. When I think about smoking now, I think of how glad I am that I no longer do it and how with Jill's help, something that seemed so impossible was easier then I ever could have imagined. I spent the rest of my sessions with Jill working on some of my other goals!! I gave Jill's information to many of my friends who want to stop smoking or eat differently and I am so excited for them to meet her so they may reach their goals too. I am very proud of myself and very thankful to Jill. Unfortunately in the past I have encountered professionals who were anything but, the fact that Jill is extremely professional and caring makes a world of difference. If I can offer advice to help anyone I am happy to do so, I highly recommend you contact Jill and have her help you reach your goals. I am so glad I did!!

Paula, Burlington NJ

Nail Biting

Hypnosis with Jill was the best money I have ever spent on myself. Nail biting consumed me for over 40 years until I finally tried hypnosis. It works and feels wonderful. I highly recommend Jill Tannenbaum.

Mary Kay, Ph.D, Ewing NJ

Eleven Year Old Picky Eater

We nicknamed my daughter "carbohydrate queen" and "junk food junkie" when she was two years old. She never met bread or junk food that she didn't like and was proud of being a picky eater. We tried everything -give her what you want her to eat, she'll eat when she's hungry ... wait until she goes to school, she'll start to eat when she sees all of her friends eating ... give her some of your dinner every night, she'll learn good eating habits if she sees you eating properly. Nothing ever worked. At 11, she still ate nothing other than peanut butter and jelly, grilled cheese and pizza with an occasional hot dog or pasta with butter, just to humor us. She saw Jill's brochure in a store and thought it might help her to eat better. After two sessions, we haven't made her a separate dinner in 6 weeks! She is eating salmon, chicken, pork and shrimp and has even had a cheeseburger! We are still working on vegetables, but we couldn't be more thrilled and are currently looking for some new nicknames!

Andrea, Yardley, PA

Teenage Fears

“When my son reached the age of 13 and was still dealing with fear of the dark, I knew I needed to do something more than the traditional parenting to help him. He was really having a hard time, still needed a night light and the door ajar. But it went beyond that, he was nervous about being upstairs in his room while the rest of the family was downstairs and this was during the day. I happened upon a pamphlet of Jill’s explaining her practice and thought that hypnosis would be an excellent way to help my son deal with his anxiety.

We scheduled three sessions with Jill. Fortunately, my son was open to suggestion and found the sessions to be quite calming. The ideas and strategies she suggested to him really took root and within days my son was using the house top to bottom without need for personal escort – the basement, his room – day or night – he owned this house and finally began to feel comfortable in his own skin.

It has been quite a relief for my son and my family to get over this bump in the road and I know that if any of us have a problem with mind over matter issues in the future, we will call Jill and ask for her assistance again.”

Susan, Upper Bucks PA

Letting Go of the Past

Hello. I am Marilyn. A 65 year old mom mom. I give my age as I just want to say, there is no age limit on improving yourself. I have been in therapy various times for various issuses over the years. I wanted to try this because I didn't feel I got any or very little relief from just talking about my problems. Various anti-depression medications just masked the issues. I found Jill to be the perfect solution. She is awesome, sweet, kind and cares very much about the issues of the person. I was leery about the procedure, and Jill totally made me feel so relaxed and comfortable, it was a smooth relaxing process. You will be aware of her voice the whole time. I enjoyed the entire experience. I feel so good and keep reminding myself of the good suggestions she gave me. I recommend this type of therapy to anyone struggling with even minor issues.

Marilyn, Bristol PA

Letting Go of the Past and Trusting in Myself

How lucky am I to have found Jill Tannenbaum? Hypnotist extraordinaire!

I came to Jill after experiencing a very difficult family situation that left my heart broken. She, first of all, created a safe place for me to BE and to discuss the issue at end, with great compassion and also complete professionalism. Jill explained the process of hypnotherapy so well that I felt completely comfortable and trusting.

With Jill's amazing insights and knowledge, I am able to access a deep well of self-compassion where I find the courage to navigate myself through life with more confidence, more self-love and a greater sense of being guided by my Higher Power.

Thank you, Jill for nurturing your own gifts and sharing these gifts with us all!

Donna, Yardley PA

Public Speaking

Testimonial for Jill Tannenbaum. In 2009 I had been selected to speak at a large, international, annual convention based on an abstract I submitted. I didn’t think the abstract would be chosen, so when I got an e-mail congratulating me on being selected as a speaker, I almost went into shock. At first it was all pride and glory, but that soon faded to dread and loathing of having to stand up in front of a large audience, on a podium and presenting a topic in which I was supposed to be an expert.



In February 2009, I attended a “presenter webinar” and experienced my first symptoms of panic. When I had to speak about my topic – a relatively anonymous affair, I felt my heart pounding, my hands shaking and an inability to breathe. This was my first of what was going to be many panic attacks – and it wasn’t even at an event! As the date of my presentation loomed up on me, I found my emotions getting out of control. I could throw myself into a panic just thinking about speaking to a large audience. What made it worse was that I was considered an SME (subject matter expert), and I had no confidence in myself to hold that title. I wasn’t sure what was causing the problem, and as an R.N., I knew I needed something to help me cope. At that point, I just wanted to survive the experience.


Finally, in May 2009 (only one month before the event), I decided to research hypnotherapy as a means to control my “out of control” emotions and reactions. I read everything I could from how hypnotherapy works to testimonials from people who benefited from it. Next came the hard part – choosing a hypnotherapist I could trust. As an R.N., with a strong background in “traditional” therapies, I had some doubt. However, after an exhaustive search of therapists within my area, I found Jill Tannenbaum. I was almost surprised at my selection because I have always found male voices to be more relaxing. But Jill was certified in areas that were far more fearful than mine – surgeries, dental work – things that cause physical pain as well as psychic pain. So, timidly, I called Jill’s contact number and left a message. Let me just interject a little fact here. The fear of public speaking is rated the number one fear - over the fear of death!!!


When Jill got back to me, she was a pleasant and wonderful “human being” who wanted to explore how she could help me in my venture to conquer my fears. I opted immediately for the three session therapy, which I hoped would help me, at least, not to pass-out when I had to present. Then came the first meeting. The first meeting was not a rushed, “give me your history and sit here” session. We spoke for a while, making me feel comfortable; like speaking to a friend. As we spoke, Jill lead me back to the therapy room with neutral coloration and a few pieces on which one’s focus could be attained. She sat me in a comfortable, reclining chair and continued to explore what my focus was; what did I want to accomplish? We discussed my strengths, my likes and things that motivated me. (The first session is the longest to explore what ones fears are and related things that make one comfortable.) I am a doubter by nature. I question everything. So, when it came to putting me into a receptive mode, I really had my reservations. However, I had decided that I would “free my traditional soul” to a new experience - broaden my horizons.



After we finished the initial questions and answers period, Jill started her relaxation and opening the more subliminal areas of the mind. I must admit, I fell into this area very easily! Through breathing exercises and relaxation, I felt almost numb! I didn’t feel out of control. It was more of a relaxed exploration of what was happening in my mind. The first thing that struck me was that I was “not UNDER.” I had full control of my responses. We further explored my strengths…..why was I chosen as an expert?” Since I had not lost control of myself, I wondered about how effective this therapy would be with me. I finally decided to abandon all. This is not an easy feat for those of us who “control” our lives. Before I knew it, our session was over. I felt a relaxation that I had never known before.



In our two subsequent sessions, Jill and I reinforced my feeling of success based on my strengths. Jill taught me a technique to keep me focused – rubbing my forefinger against my thumb. Simple, but exceptional! My final session with Jill came only one week before I was to present. We had agreed that one of my strengths was to go among the “attendees” to my conference, make eye contact, and target those with whom I had gotten a rapport by speaking with them prior to the presentation. When I was announced, I went to the podium wondering if all had been worth it. Twenty minutes later, I had completed my presentation without feelings of trepidation and welcoming any questions that would come my way.


THE REAL TEST. I became a “trainer” in my organization which meant preparing training sessions (slides and presentation of those.) to a very large group. This was the test of every day activity, not just big event activity! I did not waver in the least! What success!!!!! One Year Later I was selected for a Session Chair position for the 2010 Pharmaceutical Annual Meeting. I had to select a panel, organize their speaking content, approve their final slide presentations, maintain continual communications with the group, and motivate them to do the best they could do. Because this was an international meeting, I had not met my panel until the day before our presentations. It was amazing how I was able to utilize what Jill taught me, to not only cope with my own events, but with those who were presenting under my aegis. The session was not only a grand success, but many people of power contacted me about it and how much they enjoyed it. The best part? I experienced no anxiety from the moment I was told that I would be a chair of the session until the moment it was over. I actually looked forward to it. And best yet…..I really enjoyed it!!! Jill, I am forever grateful for all you did for me and with me. I was always in control, and I finally did feel “POWERFUL.” I recommend not just hypnotherapy as a mode of transforming one’s doubts into feelings of security, but I recommend Jill! She has the power to help you realize the person living inside you!!! I just got back from Washington, DC, where my annual meeting was held. I returned victorious! Jill, there are no word to thank you for what you helped me become!


Always yours,​


Jennie R. P., RN, BSN , Lower Bucks PA

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