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Jill Tannenbaum, CHt.

Certified Hypnotherapist


What is hypnosis and hypnotherapy

and how does it work?

Have you ever driven down the street and forgotten to make that turn, or said, "how did I get here" not remembering the drive at all? You were in hypnosis, your subconscious mind took over for awhile. Time distortion and deep absorption in what you are doing are both indications of being in hypnosis.

Hypnosis is speaking directly to the subconscious mind, getting the conscious mind (which does our reasoning and analyzing) to step aside. Giving positive suggestions to the subconscious mind creates your desired change, changing your reality.

What does hypnosis feel like?

People experience hypnosis as being extremely relaxing and very soothing. It's like having a nice massage or lying on the beach hearing sounds drifting in and out, but not paying much attention. By experiencing total relaxation you will emerge feeling wonderful.

Can I emerge from hypnosis any time?

Yes. You can emerge yourself from hypnosis at any time you choose simply by opening your eyes.

Am I always in control?

You are in complete control while in hypnosis. You can speak, hear, and even move in hypnosis. You cannot be made to do anything in hypnosis that you wouldn't normally do.

How will hypnosis and hypnotherapy help me accomplish my goal?

First, you have to start with the idea of wanting it to happen. Next, we work together as a team to find out your specific needs and goals. You are a unique person and each session is specifically fine-tuned to you. I will work with you to form positive suggestions. Then while you are in hypnosis, I will say those positive suggestions directly to your subconscious mind (where lasting change takes place) helping you accomplish your goal.

What to expect when you come to the office

On your first visit we get to know each other and talk about what it is I can do for you to help you get to your goal. It might be weight loss, stop smoking, stop chewing tobacco, public speaking, fear of flying, nail biting, quieting negative talk etc. What ever it is it involves communicating your goals to me and working together to accomplish those goals. The more I understand your goals the more successful you will be! I explain exactly what hypnosis is so you have a full understanding of it before we get started.

On the next several visits we work on your goal through hypnosis. For example: You will see yourself while in hypnosis as a non-smoker feeling happy, proud, healthy, full of confidence. As a hypnotherapist I may guide you to see yourself as a Public Speaker with the words flowing easily, confidently, connecting with your audience. Perhaps you need to pass an upcoming test and in hypnosis you will go through the motions of studying and focusing, quieting any and all distractions, able to sit longer and enjoy what you are studying. For weight loss you will see yourself exercising, shopping for new clothes, eating half your normal portion and feeling full and satisfied, turning away from sugar to healthier foods by quieting negative talk and knowing you deserve to be happy and healthy.

Keep in mind these are some goals that are fairly common, but each session is completely customized to what you want to see and feel. What you want to achieve. These are just a few examples of how the subconscious mind will go through the actions of making positive changes for your well being. Many of my clients say they have never felt so relaxed and peaceful while helping them to create these lasting positive changes.

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